Monday, November 14, 2011

euughh creature....

Next digital painting, a painting I really don't think should BE up here...... but its a requirement...

This assignment was supposed to be a painting of a creature. I happened to not have any ideas on what kind of creature to do, so I ended up designing something I really hated, but with the time constraints I had to move forward. When I'm not keen on the subject matter I dont want to paint it and I think it showed.. The idea of the assigment had so much potential, but i couldnt get over an idea block. this was one of my weakest designs. Character design is my absolute favoritesubject so it was a real dissapointment when I couldnt come up with something of a higher standard. I try really hard in this class for the most part, digital painting isn't my favorite but I have learned a TON. I do however, love how the staff turned out! This assignment taught me how to paint metallic surfaces! word up.

the paint job is weak, but I did challenge myself. I've never stylized muscles or done a character this muscular before..the uh..squid thing, also out of my usual zone...hahaha oh well! next time!

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