Friday, December 16, 2011


Here's my final animation from 3rd semester. If you know Breaking Bad, then you'll totally get this! :)
After a long critique from my animation professor, I definitely know where I went wrong. Can't wait to animate again though!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Character and BG

Heres a WIP for my last digital painting assignment. It started off with a quick sketch, flats and then paint. So far I think the bricks look good, more on it later...

EDIT: I finally finished this off, thus concluding my last digital painting class. I feel like this was a better attempt at painting, there was a bit less pressure since we got to be a bit more stylized with it. I really like how the bricks and the dumpster turned out. Snow was difficult, the character seems to bring it all together though!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

bg paint

This was the second last painting for class, I really enjoyed working on this one, and I still kind of like the end product, but I learned a lot after the critique. I'm missing a whole bunch of shadows and there are quite a few technical errors in it but I'm proud of my composition and despite being too light, those trees in the foreground are a big improvement from my last attempt at trees.

So basically I started off with a sketch, added in some temporary colour, and started to paint. I tackled the trees first and then hit the foliage in the BG, added the mountain and then some vines.

Got one more painting to do before this class ends, I hope I can pull it off better than this one!