Friday, July 13, 2012

turnarouuunnd guurl

 So I started with the armature. The legs were looking good so far, so I used plumbers epoxy to seal them into the base and to connect the spine and pelvis together.

 Next I attached the arm piece. I wrapped one length of armature wire onto the spine and secured it with the epoxy again. It was a bit too long so I curved the spine. I feel like the proportions are good, and I've measured it against the orthographic so I'm ready to let it dry and move on.

 After that, I gave this gal a head and started sculpting and her legs.

I decided to sculpt a bit outside tonight. While measuring out proportions I notice her head is bigger in the orthographic. I tried to make it bigger in the sculpt, but I feel like this is big enough for now.

 And now she has upper limbs! And with light and shadow hittin' this piece I can really see how bumpy my sculpt is. I have NO clue how the pros get it so smooth.

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