Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Had to paint a fish for digital painting class, with Omar Dogan. I did a super shiny goldfish. Painting is really difficult for me, its slow paced and very detail oriented, which is the exact opposite of how I work, pushing these out is a real challenge for me, but I can see an improvement. I practiced during the summer and I plan on continuing! This painting took me a bit longer than I expected but I think I did a good job, looking back at it, I see things I would fix and I'll get around to it closer to the end of the semester. The focus for this assignment were the eyes, scales and fins- I am extremely happy with how the eye turned out! I still need some practice with fins though. Digital painting seems daunting at first, but I'm really determined to do better this year. Next painting I'm gonna use more midtones, I think I could have really made this one better by not going too fast into pure black and white.

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