Wednesday, January 19, 2011

digital painting assignment 1

my prof handed us some sweet line art that we had to colour in PS. (read: I didn't draw this, I coloured it in) I've got zero background in painting, so I stuck to flats.

I really want to learn how to digitally paint though, so hopefully this class will be fun.


  1. nice! careful with the bubblegum pop colours - it works but it can get super distracting:

  2. Woah thanks Blake! I really appreciate you taking the time to critique. I'm painting a layout right now and taking your advice.

  3. I'm a big fan of flats. I'm learning to paint BGs on the job right now ;p

    Here's a couple tips:
    -you used the brightest colour on the ride side, should probably be in middle because it draws the viewer's eye to the side
    -the front buildings could really benefit from having a plain white on the windows, it would really pop
    - you did the right thing by putting less saturated colours on the buildings in the back and dark colour on the foreground sidewalk :)